Happy and healthy marriages require two people working toward the same goal. You both have to want to have that happy and healthy marriage and be willing to work for it.

Whether you're still waiting to find your companion, are a newlywed or have been married for fifty years, these are some solid goals to work toward:

1. Never give up. Keep working toward a great marriage

2. Don't confuse a bad moment with a bad marriage

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3. Depend on each other

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4. Go "all in" in your marriage

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5. Dispel selfishness in your relationship

6. Does you marriage give hope to others?

7. You're never really ready, but you have each other

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8. Be friends and lovers

9. Embrace each other daily

10. Be so in love that past relationships don't matter

11. Make your spouse the only one

12. Love requires loving the imperfect parts, too

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13. Weddings are beautiful; marriages are even more beautiful

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14. Remember to communicate verbally and nonverbally

15. Practice being on the same team

16. Grow your marriage with proper care and attention

No matter how long you've been married, this advice is still applicable. You have to avoid becoming complacent in your relationship. Always strive to improve and make your marriage stronger. Make and keep goals with your spouse.

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