Time is precious; you never know how much or how little you have while on this earth. Make the time you spend with your spouse meaningful, cheerful, and exciting. If they are at work for eight or nine hours a day, then by the time they get home, they may only have a few hours left before going to bed. That doesn't give you much time with them, so concentrate on making every moment meaningful. Here are five tips that will help you show your appreciation for all that your working spouse does for you and your family.

1. Greet them with a smile

Usually as a spouse drives home from work they visualize being greeted by their lovely, happy companion. How disappointing to be greeted instead by a whimpering, complaining, frowning grouch! The first fifteen minutes when your spouse arrives home at night sets the atmosphere for the entire evening. Problems can wait. Put on a happy face - it's contagious.

2. Hang up the phone

Be ready to give your spouse your full attention. It can't make your spouse feel very special to walk in the door and see you shooting the breeze with one of your friends. Remember, everyone wants to feel important and loved. The easiest way to show your love is to be excited to see your loved one when they come home. Similarly, try to finish any projects or housework before your spouse arrives. This time should be yours together.

3. Listen to your spouse's hints

One day I was outside watering the flowers as I awaited my husband's arrival. He was pleased to see me waiting outside for him. He jokingly said, "When I come home the whole family should be out on the curb with signs saying Welcome home, Dad." The next night I made sure all the kids, myself, and even the family dog was sitting on the curb, in anticipation of his homecoming. As he drove up the street, the children held up signs that said, "Hello Dad" and "Welcome home." He was so surprised that he backed the car down the street so he could drive up again. It might have been a joke, but it was lots of fun. The next day at work he bragged to his fellow workers that his family had set up a "parade" for his homecoming.

4. Freshen up

One of my friends asked me once: "Why do you make a point of putting on fresh makeup and combing your hair just before your husband comes home?" Well, think about it. I'd been doing housework, taking care of the kids, gardening, and changing diapers. That's grubby work! This also goes for those of us who work outside of the home. Before you see your spouse, freshen up! Fix your hair, brush your teeth, maybe change your clothes. You probably did all this when you were dating, so why stop now that you're married? When you look attractive, you are more likely to feel attractive. And when you feel attractive, it's easier to enjoy time with you companion.

5. Do something fun

Late-night homecomings can be the best. The children are asleep, and it's too late for phone calls. You and your spouse can share some special moments without any interruptions. Light up those candles! Leave a note on the front door that says, "I missed you," or "Welcome home." When your spouse opens the door, have more notes placed around the home, from the front door to the bedroom. Make a paper plate skeleton and attach to each part something you love about your spouse, such as: "I love holding your hand," "I love your kind heart," "I missed your face, your eyes, your lips, etc." Then surprise you spouse with a romantic evening together. Guaranteed, your spouse will be rushing home to you more often!

Your spouse's homecoming

Name something thoughtful your spouse has done for you!



Posted by I Love My Family (FamilyShare.com) on Thursday, November 3, 2016

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