There are quite a few ways to start eating healthy, but it can be hard to know exactly what to eat or what foods to buy to keep your goals. Luckily, there are some charts to help you make better food choices, combat cravings and teach you how to pack up a healthy lunch:

1. Grocery List

Let's start with the grocery list. Here's a giant list of healthy foods to buy that can replace all the unhealthy stuff you normally eat. Then, choose recipes that use these ingredients.

2. Let's detox

If you really want to clean out your body, eat these foods for a complete detox. This will clean out your system and make you feel especially healthy.

3. When should you eat?

The time of day you should eat certain foods can vary. This chart gives you a good timeline of what you should eat and when.

4. Improve your skin

Want clear and healthy skin? Eat these foods. Of course, there are more invasive procedures you can try but eating right can really make a huge difference to clear acne and reduce oils.

5. How to cook healthy grains

Once you know how to cook these grains, you can add them to fruit, yogurt, salads and main dishes.

6. Better your digestive health

To help your digestive system and eliminate bloat, eat these types of foods. Try swapping out your normal snack for something on this list, like a handful of apricots, an apple with pumpkin seeds or snacking on a yogurt.

7. Helpful baking substitutes

Rather than using white sugar and white flour in your recipes, here are some options to make your recipes healthier, but just as delicious.

8. Fulfill your vitamin needs

You can take supplements, or you can adjust your diet to make sure your body gets the vitamins it needs.

9. What to eat for breakfast

A lot of people tend to skip breakfast, but you really shouldn't. Eating breakfast within an hour of waking up can stabilize your blood sugar levels and set the tone for today's eating style. Start your day off right with a breakfast off this list.

10. How to pack your lunch

Meal prepping is especially helpful for eating healthy. If you've got spare time early in the week, make enough extra food in easy-to-store containers. Now, a balanced meal is all ready to go, just waiting in the fridge for you to eat and enjoy. Use this chart to get your started.

11. Battle those cravings

Still satisfy those cravings but keep your health goals by consulting this chart.

12. A giant list of what to eat and when


Eat these foods to help you get the most out of your workout.

13. Rainbow eating

You're more likely to eat something if it looks pretty, right? Try eating these "rainbow foods" with each meal to have a healthy and beautiful meal.

14. Sugar alternatives

Substitute sugar in your recipes with these alternatives.

15. It's as simple as this

One last chart to help your mindset - you don't need to starve yourself to live a healthier life. It's as simple as eating healthier and exercising. In time, your body will start to show the benefits.

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