Wondering what to wear to an interview? Through my experience I have learned what works and what doesn't work. These five tips will help you narrow down what to wear to your interview to make a positive presence.

Dress it up

One of the best suggestions I have is to always dress above the daily expectance. If the job allows you to wear jeans and a dress shirt, wear slacks and a dress shirt to the interview. If the employees wear slacks on a daily basis wear a nice dress for women, and for men wear a nice suit. It's usually hard to overdress when going to an interview, make a good first impression.

I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a job interview dressed in a dress and heels to have the interviewer wear jeans and a T-shirt. Something that I've learned and really want to stress is that usually when you dress up you become more confident. You can never overdress, only underdress.

Cover it up

Things you'll want to cover up or leave at home include body piercings (besides the ear) and tattoos. Avoid showing too much skin. Don't wear too many pieces of flashy or dangly jewelry. Most companies strive their best to maintain a positive picture for society. I'm not saying they judge a book by its cover, but it's best to not wear anything too distracting. Make sure you have fresh breath, throw away your gum and don't bring drinks or food. Turn your cell phone off and tuck it away out of sight.

A couple years ago I was in the position of hiring spokespersons for videos. If someone didn't look professional I wouldn't even record their trial video and they would never get the position. Don't wear anything offensive to an interview or they may not even glance at your resume.

Clean and press

Pick out your clothes ahead of time to make sure they're looking good. Take them to the dry cleaner or wash them at least one day ahead of time. No one wants to see wrinkly clothes at an interview, especially if your resume says you pay attention to detail.

One of my biggest flaws with this one is shoes. I often have the perfect outfit picked out, then it snows a foot and I can't wear heels anymore. Sometimes boots won't match the outfit I picked out. It's always good to have a backup outfit for a rainy day.

Balance fashion with comfort

Wear something fashionable, professional, and comfortable. If you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, your interviewer will most likely notice. If you're physically comfortable, you'll feel more relaxed and give more realistic answers with ease.

Along those lines make sure you wear something that fits. It's never fun if you wear a too short skirt or other revealing clothing because then you feel the need to pull and push it up and down the entire time, rather than focusing on the questions being asked.

Bring your game face

Always bring a smile and a serious face. When your interviewer asks you a question make sure you maintain eye contact, that's especially important at the beginning and end of your answer to make you appear the most confident. If a question is asked of how you went about a certain trial in your career experience you'll want to have a more serious face than being so happy about that trial. Eye contact and facial expressions are key.

Before leaving the house look at your outfit in the mirror. Ask a roommate, family member or neighbor what they think your outfit says about you. Follow these steps and take your outfit to the professional max.

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