Have you ever been lied to?

You may think that telling "little white lies" is innocent and doesn't do any harm, but you may want to rethink that belief.

This video from HooplaHa states, "Lying actually causes a mental stress which can lead to more anxiety and even physical symptoms like sore throats and headaches. Why? Because having two or more conflicting thoughts at the same time produces stress."

Think about it. When you lie, you know what is the truth and what is the lie. There are your two conflicting thoughts. You not only have to remember the lie you told and who you told it to, but you have to worry about them finding out the truth and being mad at you about it later - not only mad at you for what you were trying to hide, but also the lie, itself. Wouldn't it just be better to tell the truth, risk the consequence you're trying to avoid and then move on?

"Sometimes we think lying is going to save us when in actuality, it could be keeping you from happiness." Lying leads to stress and unhappiness. Each lie you tell limits your future choices. "The truth shall set you free" is more than just a great saying from the Bible (see John 8:32), it should be a life motto.

Lying can destroy relationships. It's hard to be around someone you can't trust or even believe anything they say.

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It is our responsibility to not only be honest, but also to teach our children honesty in everything. Help them to understand the importance of honesty and why it matters. Little white lies do matter. Read these "3 reasons why honesty is best."

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