Peace is a wonderful feeling, but it can be elusive. I feel the happiest when my home is peaceful and my life is running smoothly. As we move throughout life, we encounter different people and situations, some of which could use a little more peace. Find peace in five places in your life as you follow these tips.

Inner peace

Make peace with yourself by giving up negative self-talk, being your own friend and finding quiet moments to rid your life of stress. I enjoy practicing yoga, praying daily and winding down at night with a good book and quiet conversation. Make a place in your home or bedroom to practice peaceful habits.

Peace at home

I want to have more peace in my home by reducing (or eliminating) yelling, encouraging compliments and promoting service. My example as a mother is important to the general mood of my home. Whether you live with your family, roommates or by yourself, practice peaceful habits at home.

Order and cleanliness both contribute to peace. I'm also intrigued by the idea of feng shui, the Chinese art of arranging your home and belongings to balance the energy and produce different results.

Peace in your workplace

Work should be inspiring and invigorating, but is often stressful and draining. Contribute to peace in the workplace by not gossiping or contributing to drama. Work to build up colleagues and do your job to the best of your ability. Having respect for others, their space and their work will help you be a peacemaker at work.

I try to have peace while working at home by finding time to work uninterrupted and making my environment conducive to work. For me this means eliminating distractions and sometimes playing calming music and drinking a cup of herbal tea.

Peace in community

Having a sense of belonging to a community is important. Think of the different communities you belong to: school, church and social groups are examples. Ways you can bring peace to these groups are by volunteering time, being cheerful as you interact with community members and by helping groups be successful in their endeavors.

You are also a citizen of a city or town. Being involved in community civic affairs and supporting community activities in positive ways brings peace to your community. Driving safely, obeying laws and helping community members makes life better for everyone in your community.

World peace

It's OK to dream big about peace. One way I try to contribute to world peace is by supporting organizations that help others. I also pray for world leaders and try to choose political leaders who will seek peaceful solutions during times of conflict. Although I'm not strictly a pacifist, I look forward to a more peaceful world.

World peace may not be a reality this year, but you can increase the peace in your life. Infuse these five facets of your life with peace and find Zen moments daily.

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