Have you ever wished you could get inside someone's head and see what they are thinking? Or at least try to understand it?

In a movie trailer for Disney Pixar's "Inside Out," we see an exploration of just "what" is going on inside another person's head.

Riley has recently relocated with her parents from the Midwest to San Francisco. It's a big change. At the dinner table, Riley's mom asks, "So, how was the first day of school?" She responds, "It was fine, I guess. I don't know." We then enter the mother's head where her emotions inside her mind spring into action. She then tries to engage the dad, who hasn't been paying attention.

Riley's thoughts, as well as her parent's, play out to show how different interpretations of the same situation can vary in a simple family conversation.

In "Headquarters" inside Riley's head, her main emotions of "Joy," "Fear," "Anger," "Disgust" and "Sadness" try to help Riley figure out life's changes from small-town life to the city.

While this clip is cute and entertaining, it can also help us understand the forces at play inside our minds as we try to navigate through life. It's an interesting depiction of what may be going on inside someone's head to cause them to think and act in certain ways.

Which emotions rule your head? How does it affect your behavior and choices?

Have you observed others around you who are ruled by emotions? How does it affect their actions?

What we think, affects who we become.

Read this article on how to control your thoughts to find ways to master your own thinking. If you're struggling with a powerful negative emotion such as revenge or anger, read "When all you see is red: Overcoming feelings of hatred."

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