Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a popular term that describes many behaviors in children, but also affects adults. ADD is caused by a combination of genetic, nutritional, and social factors. Many children grow out of ADD, but here are some signs that you may have it:

1. Normalize

Many of the symptoms are actually normal in most people, as we all have experiences of different energy levels, acting impulsively, struggling to pay attention, daydreaming, or difficulty sitting still for long periods of time.

2. Filter

Think about what you are about to say before it comes out of your mouth, even if you literally have to pause before responding to someone.

3. Slow down

Consciously slowing down will help your frontal lobe override impulses so that you can make good choices and have positive interactions. Speaking deliberately will strengthen this "muscle." Taking time to ponder past experiences and interactions will improve your ability to develop hindsight -and learn from it.

4. Exercise

Moderate exercise can improve focus and develop clarity of thinking. It can relieve stress and improve your emotional state. Use this time to ponder, reflect and plan.

5. Listen

Listen without interrupting, and allow others to finish before you respond. Repeat what you have heard, so as to clarify any misunderstanding. Ask questions if you have any. Restate assignments to be sure you received them correctly.

Most people have similar experiences to ADD symptoms at different times in their lives. The difference between these normal experiences and symptoms of ADD is when these symptoms are severe they impair functioning at home, school, or work. These simple coping strategies will help improve functioning for individuals with ADD.

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