Using no more than a tarp (or blanket), take your family on a daring adventure high in the sky! You will have to work together to keep the whole family on the magic carpet. It's going to be trickier than you think...

Required Supplies

  • One tarp, bedsheet, blanket, table cloth or rug. Too big and this will be too easy but too small and it will be impossible. Here is what we suggest: For 3-5 people a 3x4 tarp. For 6-8 people a 5x5 tarp.

Ready, Set, Adventure!

  1. Lay the tarp (or blanket, etc.) on the floor.
  2. Explain to your family that this is a family-sized magic carpet. All aboard.
  3. Play Game 1 - Wrong Way!
    Download the instructions here
  4. Play Game 2 - Unraveling!
    Download the instructions here

Mission Debrief

You survived! Well done. To better prepare for when this happens again, here are some questions to go over:

  • What was crazy hard? What was easy?
  • Did you all agree on what needed to be done? How did you come to an agreement?
  • When you got really close on the iceberg, who smelled the best?

Don't Stop Believing

Here are some examples of ways to remind your kids about the values and skills developed from this activity in the days, weeks, and months to come:

"Hey Sarah, I like how much you made your brother laugh during magic carpet. You are a good friend to your siblings."

"Hey Adam, I was so proud of you for staying patient when we kept falling off the tarp."

"Hey Emma, this homework assignment is just like how we solved that problem when we played Magic Carpet. You need to start trying things and see what works and what doesn't. Don't worry about messing up. That's how you will figure it out."

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