Bend you knees, flap your arms and do the Chicken Dance. Each year on May 14th, people all around the United States celebrate National Dance Like a Chicken Day. The Chicken Dance originated from Switzerland in the 1950s and has become a favorite for individuals of all ages. Children love to get their groove on with this dance and May 14th is the perfect time. In fact, dancing like a chicken doesn't have to be the only way you celebrate. Below are five suggestions for making Dance Like a Chicken Day a celebration that lasts the entire day long.

1. Make a chicken-themed meal

Children love when their food has something to do with an activity they did earlier in the day. You can make a chicken-themed meal for lunch or dinner. Chicken nuggets or a chicken salad is a quick and easy favorite, or spend a little more time and make fried or grilled chicken. There are hundreds of options and your kids will be even more excited for mealtime.

2. Visit a farm

Children love to see animals. Take them to a farm and watch the chickens. Teach them about these small animals and how they eat, sleep and live. Make this day an educational experience for everyone. Kids love getting out of the house and watching the animals will keep them entertained for quite some time.

3. Watch a movie

Spend the afternoon curled up on the couch, watching a good movie: a chicken movie. There are dozens of movies for young children with a chicken character. You might like Chicken Little or Chicken Run. Find one that your children have not seen or even one of their favorites. Spend the day watching movies and enjoy being with one another.

4. Become an artist

Pull out all of your art supplies and let your children create a beautiful masterpiece of a chicken. Whether they sketch the animal, use finger paints or more, let your children's creativity soar. You can even engage your child's imagination by using random objects such as pipe cleaners, play dough and paper plates to create a chicken. Play fun music, have a fun snack and just go for it. Let them be an artist for the day.

5. Create a new chicken dance

Let your children choreograph their own chicken dance. Play the original chicken dance and let them teach you how chickens really groove. Getting up and moving is excellent exercise for your young ones and a great way for them to use their imagination.They may also enjoy creating words to the Chicken Dance song. Let them dance and sing however they would like. It's all up to them.

Dance Like a Chicken Day only comes around once a year. Don't let your children miss this exciting event where they can learn about these unique animals and let their imagination and creativity run wild. Plan an educational and exciting chicken-filled day and your children may never forget the 14th of May.

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