We've all heard the saying before, "Money can't buy happiness." Yet for some reason, we as human beings still resort to monetary means in our ever-elusive quest to find joy in life.

We surround ourselves with superficial things of no real value. Everyone is guilty of doing this to some degree, but why do we do it?

The truth is that these "things" actually do make us happy for a brief time, but that feeling soon fades away and hinges on our next purchase. What's really scary is that as time goes on, we become entrapped within these "things" and don't even realize the draining effect they're having on both our wallets and our lives.

But there is good news-self-control is free. It requires no cost, contract, or subscription. The fact that you're reading this article shows you have enough of it and that you want to change your life-you want to have real happiness.

Here are the five biggest money drainers in your life that are secretly making you unhappy:

1. Cigarettes

According to quit.org and smokefree.org, the average smoker spends $7,700-8,500 each year. As smoking causes lung cancer and many other health problems, this mean those who smoke are literally paying to kill themselves.

Here is a good cost of smoking calculator that you can use to see just how much this self-destructive habit is really costing you. Choose to quit today and don't watch both your life and your money go up in smoke.

2. Fast food

We all love a good cheeseburger and fries every once in a while, right? However, modern statistics say that this isn't just a once-in-a-while occurrence for the majority of us. Reference.com reports that as of January 2015, the American spends $1,200 a year on fast food-eating out twice a week at an average cost of $12.50 per meal.

Like cigarettes, this seemingly innocent habit can lead to other unwanted payouts further down the road.

3. In-app/in-game purchases

It's 2016 and our mobile devices can now do just about anything. As you know, it isn't hard too spend money on mobile apps and games, especially those that are "free" but require in-app purchases to make them worthwhile.

The reason why this new technology garnishes so much money is because it an easy way for consumer to make purchases. All anyone needs is a debit/credit card and an account.

Make a goal to limit your use on how many mobile purchases you make a month. This might seem small but you will see big results over time as you resist the urge to spend your mobile money.

4. Name brand clothing

Name brand doesn't always mean better quality. Will all of the competing clothing lines there now are, you can easily go to thrift shops and other lower-priced stores to find what you like. This change is more of a mindset than anything else but it will save you big bucks and you won't have to make any drastic fashion sacrifices.

5. Cable TV

Just as there are alternatives to name brand clothing, there are hundreds of cheaper options for TV. Cable TV typically requires a contract and can often have hidden fees that leave you shelling out much more than you're comfortable with each month. Check out these wallet-friendly alternatives.

By cutting out these things from your life you'll find that you're more financially stable and that you're just as happy, if not happier.

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