Those days are gone when the traditional back-to-school list included notebooks, books, pens and pencils. These days, the list includes gadgets like Smartphones, e-readers and tablets. The Digital revolution has made way for educational resources in the form of great apps, with textbooks replaced by eBooks and online downloadable books.

Arrays of brilliant educational apps are available at your disposal to provide benefits of the classroom. These apps are great for learning and provide an educational edge to students. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or Android device, you will find plenty of amazing educational apps from which to choose.

Here is a list of the Top 10 educational apps for learning with iOS, Android, as well as windows devices:


  • Designed for iOS devices, InClass is a free app to keep a note of all school-related stuffs, which includes a calendar for class schedule, contact information for schoolteachers, as well as assignment reminders. There is also a notes section, which can be used to add text notes and images. InClass also has an audio-recording feature, which can record lectures.

Park Math

  • Available on iOS devices, Park Math by Duck Duck Moose is an award-winning app to help children learn basic math like counting, sorting, addition as well as subtraction, using fun and interactive methods.

Paper -

Awarded as the Best iPad app of 2012, this stunning app has taken creativity to a new dimension. Whether you are a professional artist or a novice, Paper lets you express yourself using its amazing tools and filters. It can also be used for presentation, storyboarding as well as brainstorming.

Toca Kitchen -

Toca Kitchen is the winner of Parents' Choice awards in 2012 and available on iOS devices. This trendsetting app helps kids to enhance their knowledge about food and cooking in a playful manner. This app also features a vegetarian mode option.

AniWorld -

Designed for Android devices, AniWorld creates an impressive virtual zoo on your Smartphone. Kids can learn about more than 36 different animals, including an animal's food preferences and their living place. With more than 250 beautiful photos, your kid can also learn about animal's growth from baby to a mature adult.

iStudiez Pro -

iStudiez Pro is one of the best school planner apps for iOS devices. This app looks like a real notebook and helps children plan their lessons, assignments as well as deadlines.

Kids ABC Letters -

Designed for Android devices, Kids ABC Letters uses cute cartoon characters and graphics to help kids learn alphabets. This app also has features like learning letters, forming letters, names, recognizing letters as well as identifying letters.

Star Walk Astronomy -

Winner of 2010 Apple Design Awards, Star Walk Astronomy is a great app for astronomy students and people who are interested in the sky. Hold your iPad pointing to the sky and get real time update about stars, constellations and satellites.

Grammar Up HD -

If you want to improve grammar and vocabulary, Grammar Up HD is perfect for you. This app features over 1,800 questions in various categories. You need to select questions you want in each test. You can also email your test result and check your progress.

Smartsters -

Available on Windows devices Smartsters is a multi-purpose educational app to help your kids to learn stuff like pattern recognition, spelling, logic and counting.

Use these great educational apps to make learning a fun activity for kids.

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