The plethora of low cut, high-hemmed outfits in stores has made purchasing revealing outfits easy and fashionable. Photo spreads in trendy magazines showcase models in barely-there ensembles. Stars on television show off their well-toned bodies. Friends and neighbors look cute and sassy in their revealing attire. Immodesty is quickly becoming the rule instead of the exception. Some women believe there is nothing wrong with putting their physical assets on display. They believe only unattractive women with low self-esteem are the ones who refuse to show their midriffs, cleavage, or toned legs. Because of this, many women dress immodestly because they do not want to be thought of as unattractive, out of touch or behind in the latest trends.

But such thinking is wrong. Modesty matters a great deal. And this is why:


Women who dress modestly know they could get more attention if they showcased their physical assets. However, attention based solely on their revealing looks is not something they seek after. Modest women want to be thought of as more than objects or clothes-hangers. They would rather people give them attention based on their personalities, achievements or talents. However, this is not to imply that modest women believe they need to dress in a frumpy, unattractive manner. Modest women can still be found in cute, fashionable attire that lets them live without worrying about accidentally giving someone an eyeful.

Yes, there are some women who dress immodestly; not because they want attention but because they honestly like revealing fashions and enjoy wearing them. However, it could be suggested that these women do not adequately understand how their outward physical appearance affects others. If they did, it is likely they would change the way they portray themselves in order to garner the type of attention they deserve and want.

The impact of first impressions

While it can be disappointing, it's true that most first impressions are based on a person's looks. Even online, non face-to-face communications highlight users' avatars or profile pictures. Partly because of this focus on appearances, modest women don't want people assuming they have decided their chests/legs/waists/rears are what they are most proud of. They don't want to be viewed as objects to be lusted after or a conglomeration of body parts. Modest women understand there is so much more to themselves and signal their depth by staying away from shallow dress.


The saying, "Respect is earned, not given," is a well-touted phrase; one modest women understand. They know if they want the respect of others one of the first things they can do is dress modestly. Their modest attire not only encourages individuals to show them respect but indicates they respect themselves, as well. Modest women understand that what they wear influences not only their behavior but also that of others. Because they respect themselves, they wordlessly portray their worth by how they dress thereby indicating to others how they expect to be treated.

On the flip side, when women choose to treat their bodies disrespectfully by wearing revealing clothing it becomes easier for others to follow their poor example. These women may be proud of certain parts of their bodies, but when they flaunt their anatomy they are not asking for respect. Instead, whether they intend to or not, the message they broadcast is they are desperate for people to notice them.

While some women think the revealing, sexualized clothing they wear is fun and harmless, the opposite is true. By wearing such apparel, they are actually objectifying themselves; portraying to others that not only do they disrespect themselves, but they are OK with others showing them disrespect. When immodest women wear barely-there outfits, they will almost always gain the attention of disrespectful individuals who will react to their attire in an objectified way.

Even though many individuals treat modesty as a thing of the past, modest women understand it is very much part of the present. Modest women should not feel apologetic about being different. Instead, they should feel proud for the respect and attention they demand from others.

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