Did you know that on Sundays in Switzerland all the shops are all closed? Since the weekends are when most people have time to buy things, at first this seems odd. But, apparently the reason the Swiss do this is so people can rest and spend time with their families - what a simple yet taken-for-granted concept.

We fill our weekdays with work commitments; so, when the weekend comes, we tend to fill it up with house chores, to-do list and other jobs. Then, it's back to Monday, and we hit the repeat cycle again.

We all need the weekend to catch up on our to-do lists, but we should also try to spare one day a week when we just take a break from work and chores. We need to spend time relaxing with our families, rejuvenating ourselves from the busy week.

Look at top athletes - coaches know practicing every day is harmful; it can cause you to get burnt out prior to the game. The day before a game, athletes usually take it easy so they have energy when it comes to tip-off.

The same thing applies to ourselves in day-to-day life. We should try to set aside at least one day when we can just rest and chill. You don't always have to be on the go. Take time to enjoy what you have worked so hard for.

For me, I try to keep Sundays as our family and rest day. Sunday morning, we go to church as a family; then, we plan something to do together afterwards. It can be something simple like going to the park with the kids or crashing my parents' house for a free lunch.

But to have one day of rest means you need to complete your chores during the other days so you do not need to do them on your rest day. I like to dedicate Saturday morning to cleaning the house and gardening. After accomplishing those tasks, I can really enjoy my weekend, without having something looming over my head.

Often, we fill our weekends with so many commitments that we end up not having time to do needed chores. So, we end up doing them on our rest days. Learn to say no to certain invitations so you can give yourself that one day of rest each week. It could be saying no to that birthday party for that person you really aren't close to or even saying no to coaching your kid's soccer team. The types of things that take up your entire weekend are what you may need to say no to.

Try to really keep your rest day as a day when you can actually rest and do activities different from your day-to-day routine. You can rest at home; although, at home you may be tempted to keep cleaning and doing chores. So, I recommend getting out for a change of scene. Get some fresh air. Go to the park with kids. Have a date with your partner. Go to the cinemas. You have worked hard the entire week, so give yourself a day of rest - you deserve it.

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