Monsters under the bed, showing up to school in your underwear, or someone standing outside the shower door are all very real childhood fears.

Whether they're a real threat or not, we all had a worst childhood fear. Can you remember being afraid of any of these?

1. Every child ever alive was afraid of this

2. Who even started this really bad idea?

3. Shower as well as the toilet

4. Just as a child? I totally do this now

5. This should never be a thing

6. Tucks foot back under blanket

7. You just don't recover from some movies

8. Everything about attics is creepy

9. Because who really knows what's under those

10. When your pool isn't as fun anymore

11. Waking up toothless would be scary

12. At least you wouldn't starve

13. It's always scarier when you're alone

14. Or in the closet ...

15. You'd think a lot of moms' backs would be saved by eliminating all cracks

16. It's bad that he's watching you, but it's worse that he's a clown.

17. This is still terrifying

Many fears are pretty unrealistic. But, a child can't see this logic. Help kids to not feel afraid by using a nightlight or by finding creative ways to make them feel safer. But, at least this will all be laughable later. (Well, except for the things we still fear as mature adults ...)

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