Whoopee cushions and banana peels might sound like child's play, but pranks aren't just for kids. There are a plenty of creative ways moms and dads can get in on the fun as well. If you're among the prank-loving crowd, be sure you're not leaving your children out of the fun.

1. Frozen cereal

Kick breakfast up a notch by pouring cereal and milk into bowls before you go to bed and let them spend the night in the freezer (use freezer-safe bowls). Your kids will be surprised when they find their milk is suddenly solid!

2. Screen saver switch

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Got a tween with a smartphone or laptop? Change her screen-saver photo to something just a little, well, mortifying. How about that "first bath" picture? Or maybe an old-school photo of Mom and Dad sharing a kiss. Or you could take a screenshot of her phone's home screen, set the image as her background, and then move the apps around. She'll go crazy trying to find her apps.

3. Healthy chips

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You'll wish you were around to see your children's reaction to this trick. Carefully open up a bag of chips, then dump the snacks and fill up the bag with cut veggies or candy. Carefully reseal the bag with double-sided tape.

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4. Missing batteries

What happens when a household of kids can't turn on the TV or operate their favorite toys? You will find out when you take all the batteries out of every remote control and gadget around the house!

5. Googly eyes

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Want an easy and fun trick that's sure to delight your offspring? Stick googly eyes on everything.

6. Soapy surprise

Did you know that if you paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and let it dry, it won't lather up in the bath? Well, now you know how to surprise your kids in the tub.

7. Caramel apples, er"onions

Apples and onions might have the same shape, but that's where the resemblances end, as your children will find out when they bite into your dessert of caramel "apples."

8. Nail polish surprise

Offer your girls a pampering manicure using Del Sol Peekaboo nail polish. They'll be shocked when their clear nail polish turns red in the sun! Or wait 'til she's asleep and give her the ultimate surprise! This may also be a fun one to try on your husband. Can you imgine him showing up at work with red nails?

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