Want to play some awesome pranks on your husband without ending up in a fight? Here are some of the best pranks from around the web. Choose from this list at your own risk.

1. Make some "orange juice"

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This prank requires you to waste a good box of macaroni and cheese, but it's for a good cause. Pour the powdered cheese mix package into a pitcher. Fill the pitcher two-thirds full of water. Stir and place front and center in the fridge. This is an awesome prank to try with your kids.

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2. Kool-Aid in the shower head

Does your husband wait until he's standing in the shower to turn on the water? This may be the perfect prank to pull. Choose your favorite Kool-Aid powder, unscrew the shower head, pour in the powder, and re-attach. That first blast of water will bathe him liberally in sticky, brilliantly-colored Kool-Aid.

3. Rubber-band the kitchen sprayer

This gag is an oldie but a goodie. All you need is a rubber band. Wrap it tightly around the spray lever. Make sure the nozzle is facing the appropriate direction. When he turns on the faucet, he'll get sprayed by a nice jet of pressurized water.

4. Saran wrap his car

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A little bit of saran wrap can make for a lot of fun-unless your hubby is running late for work. Put a little saran wrap on his steering wheel, around his seat, or on the outside of the car. Let creativity be your guide! It's a fun prank, and you'll get to keep him around the house for a few extra kisses before he finally leaves for work.

5. Leave an apology note on his car

Watch your husband spend an hour inspecting every inch of his car when you place a note on it at the grocery store parking lot that says, "Sorry about the dent."

6. Soy Sauce Cola

Would he enjoy an ice cold Coke after work? Fill a glass with Sprite or 7-Up, then add as much soy sauce as necessary to make the color of the Sprite match that of the Coke. Have a rag on hand when he spits the awful mixture out.

7. Fake parking ticket

There are few things that can ruin your day quicker than a parking ticket. That's what makes this the perfect prank, and your hubby will likely be so relieved he didn't really get a ticket that he won't even be mad at you. You can create your own or use this free download from prettyprudent.com.

8. Home screen or screen shot?

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Give your husband one of the most frustrating days of his life by taking a screenshot of his phone's home screen, setting the image as his background, and then swapping around the apps, leaving gaps, so that when he tries to use them, he's selecting a blank screen.

9. Put a "Just Married" sign on his car

This one is self-explanatory but will only work if he approaches the car from the front and you don't block the rear window with the sign. For extra points, add the call-to-action: Honk to wish congratulations!

10. Plug the salt shaker

If your husband loves a little salt with his dinner, stuff a cotton ball inside the salt shaker to keep the salt from coming out.

11. Fake chocolate chip cookies

This prank is so evil, I shudder to contemplate it. Mix some mashed potatoes with black bean "chips." Arrange them artfully on a plate and place them invitingly on the counter to tempt your husband.

For an extra-realistic touch, bake some real cookies in the oven to fill the house with the appropriate aroma. Then offer your poor, disappointed husband the real thing after he's bitten into the fake cookies and had all his tastebuds' hopes and dreams dashed.

12. Revenge in a bottle

This prank requires a little planning and sleight of hand. When your husband is asleep, apply some color-changing nail polish to his fingernails. Peek-a-Boo nail polish goes on clear but turns red when exposed to the sun! Imagine the look on your husband's coworkers' faces when he arrives at work with a set of brilliantly red fingernails.

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