Before becoming a mom, did you secretly judge other moms for their parenting skills or perceived lack of parenting? Did you start sentences like, "When I'm a mom, my kids will never..."

Maybe that's not such a good idea because you'll likely end up doing the same thing you were unfairly judging another mother.

In this video, two sisters, now both mothers, share what one sister secretly judged the other about before she also became a mom. Elle became a mom before her older sister Alyssa, and Alyssa passed some judgments, which she now sees through different eyes since she became a mother. Here are five of those judgments.


Alyssa judged Elle's breastfeeding anywhere and openly habits. Since she had her daughter, she totally gets it now.

Maternity pants

Elle loved maternity pants, which made Alyssa think she was crazy. Now the tables have turned and Alyssa is sporting her maternity pants as she works to get her pre-baby body back.


One thing people without children really struggle to understand is how moms can be late, especially if they have their kids in tow. No matter how much planning goes into being on time, a messy diaper, feeding, lost shoe or toddler potty break can completely change getting somewhere on time.


Any mom knows that when the baby is finally asleep, we need them to take their full nap thus, the shushing. Before becoming a mom, this is not as easily understood.


Once you have kids, there are times where you can't do things or be somewhere. If you don't have someone you trust to babysit, you simply can't leave and may have to miss things. This can be annoying for those who do not yet understand.

Can you relate to any of these? I'm sure all of us have experienced our parenting skills being judged by friends, family or strangers. Tantrums in stores, runny noses, mismatched clothing, dirty faces and any in-a-pinch-survival tactic that doesn't seem like perfect parenting may have received icy stares, raised eyebrows or a harsh word.

Children are huge blessings, but they also completely alter our lives by changing routines, life choices and making everything a bit harder to get done the same way we used to before kids.

It's one thing to be judged by people who haven't experienced motherhood yet, but often, the harshest judgments come from other veteran moms. Watch this near brawl between disagreeing mothers.

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