When most moms hear or use the phrase "mom of the year," we're probably joking about how we're not really mother of the year material or thinking about how undeserving we are of such an honor.

Laughing Moms created a parody of "Billionaire" entitled "Mom of the Year." It encapsulates how many of us moms want to live up to mom of the year, yet, we seem to always fall short regardless of how hard we work.

From being up in the night with a crying child and cleaning up "bathroom" messes to having unidentified goo on your clothes and missing showers for a few days or a week, what hard-working mom doesn't deserve "mom of the year?" Just see if you relate to this section in their perfectly worded lyrics:

"Yeah, I would show the world that I'm a good mom, There was just that one time that I slept through the smoke alarm And now the kids are super scared of fire But that's good, right? I was just so dang tired. Cause every day I'm changing diapers with poo I've got hemorrhoids and stretch marks like natural tattoos And I try to look nice but it's out of my power I can't remember the last time I took a shower I wash in the sink and use dry shampoo And all of my clothes are covered in goo My husband comes home, I ask, "How was your day?" He says, "Better than yours," when he looks my way."

Of course, moms wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world despite how exhausting, trying and disgusting it can be. However, a small vacation and some chocolate surely couldn't hurt once in a while. Our kids mean the world to us and we sacrifice so much for their well-being. "So here's my nomination, I hope the world can hear... Me and every mother deserve mom of the year."

Of course, let us not forget all the mothers who don't have children - those selfless women who "mother" us and even our kids, who love and support us always. They are mothers also.

Before you decide that maybe a different parenting style is not worthy of an award, remember that all mothers try to do what is best for their family. Watch this poignant and funny video of a "mommy war" that takes a dramatic turn.

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