Let's face it: without your mom, you wouldn't even exist. But moms do so much more beyond birthing or adopting you.

SoulPancake talked to people on the streets about their mothers. Each individual spoke tenderly and lovingly about their moms—some mothers still living and some who had already passed away. They were asked, "What's one thing you want to say to your mom?"

"Dear Mom, I wouldn't be half the man I am today without you."

"Mom, I miss going to McDonald's with you."

"Dear Mother, I wish I had understood your illness better so I could have been more patient. I love you."

"Mom, I realize now how hard it was for you to give us such a wonderful childhood. I love you."

"Dear Mom: Thank you for giving me the confidence to love myself and to live a spontaneous, uninhibited, unconventional adventure!"

What do you want to say to your mom?

Tell her you love her. Recognize that amid her faults, she really did the best she knew how. No mother is perfect, but each does love her children beyond measure.

Moms inspire hope, faith, trust, adventure, confidence, love, charity, and learning. They kiss boo-boos, wipe tears, slay monsters under the bed, and teach how to deal with adversity. They are beacons of strength and are always there for their children to lean on—no matter how old they or their children are.

There's no way to adequately "repay" your mom for driving you to practices or rehearsals, helping you with homework, or cooking and cleaning every day of your life; but you can let her know she's loved and appreciated. Tell her, show her, and make her proud of who you have become under her guidance.

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