It would be easy for anyone, especially athletes, to become prideful and claim all of their achievements as their own. Not that you can't take some credit for your efforts, hard work and perseverance, but there is one who makes all the difference.

Missy Franklin, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, realizes that God makes her who she is, regardless of the talents and great coaches she has been given. She gives her credit for her successes to God and says that she prays before, during and after swimming practice and competitions. Though Franklin wasn't raised in a religious family, she felt at home and at peace when she first walked into a chapel. She now takes those feelings wherever she goes.

What do you do to feel peace? Do you recognize that your strengths are not all your own but are the gifts and strengths of a Higher Power? When was the first time that you felt peace, comfort or had a glimpse of faith?

May people find that source of power and faith within a religion. Does religion make you happier? Many think so. Religion and faith seem to give people a source of purpose, a reason to work hard and have hope in difficult times.

"Faith isn't something that you're born with; it's something that you find," said Franklin.

Have you found your faith?

If you are seeking something more in life, read these 6 tips to help you find a church for your family. Allow the seed of faith in your heart to grow into something stronger and more powerful in your life than you could create on your own.

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