Mother's Day is one of those holidays that evokes a vast spectrum of emotions for women. Some love it. Most are uncomfortable with it. Many suffer deeply. They feel completely alienated because they do not have children.

I asked my friends on Facebook their thoughts on Mother's Day, and the responses were a bit unexpected:

  • Some talked about the pain they felt each Mother's Day that they were not yet a mother.

  • One said it was hard because she was a stepmom, not a biological mom, yet still had all of the motherly duties.

  • Another struggles through the day because she lost her mom too early in life.

  • It's also hard for a young mom with small children because she works so hard, yet no one recognizes her efforts.

Let me suggest this:

ALL women are mothers, regardless of having birthed a child or not

Moms come in many shapes and forms. You find them in classrooms as teachers. Some are foster, adoptive mothers, or stepmothers. Some yearn to have a child of their own, but for whatever reason cannot. Many are single and long for a family of their own. Many care for the children of others as caregivers. Some are aunts, sisters, grandmothers or friends - all willingly and selflessly helping those around them.

Women, by nature, are maternal

We "mother" each other, our children, our neighbors' kids, the dog, our husbands, friends, and about any other living thing that will allow it. It is the nurturing, compassion, love, and caring that makes us all mothers.

'Bonus' moms teach and encourage, often by example

Not only have we been the giver of advice and encouragement, but also the receiver. We watch other women and learn from our observations. Frequently, we are inspired to make changes in our own life by other moms' examples.

strong,'Mother' defined

"To watch over, nourish, and protect maternally." That is it exactly. If you "watch over, nourish, and protect maternally", consider yourself a mother, or one who mothers.

As women, we can embrace our role as mothers, not just to our own kids but to each other

Lift and encourage each other as a mother would. Celebrate Mother's Day with a new outlook and recognize the mothering skills we have inside us. Even efforts that seem small to us make a big difference in the lives of many others. We need to recognize that all women are mothers.

Celebrate mothers.

Celebrate women.

Celebrate YOU.

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