5 ways to show love to your family in


The members of your family should be your best friends. They are often the ones that can make you smile during the tough times and are there with a camera during your biggest celebrations. National Family Month is celebrated each year from May 12th through June 16th. These few weeks are the perfect time for family members to show just how much they need and care for one another.

Here are five unique ways to show love to the members of your family.

1. Compile a family history.

You will grow closer as a family when you discover and learn about your heritage. Gather information about your ancestors or even your living family members. Compile the information into a book or binder for family members to read. You can become as creative as you desire and even create a video filled with pictures of past family events that is sure to bring a smile to all those you care about.

2. Send "I Love You" cards.

If you have young children, let them help you celebrate National Family Month. Have your children create "I Love You" cards for each family member. Deliver these cards to family members who may live close by, or if family lives far away, mail the letters and let your children decorate the envelopes. These cards will be a welcomed surprised to any recipient.

3. Make a family cookbook.

Food brings people together, especially family. There is nothing better than Grandma's rolls or Aunt Sue's pies. Gather all of the family recipes together and create a family cookbook that everyone is sure to love. You can type the recipes and place them in a binder or go the extra mile and attach pictures to some of the recipes. It is sure to be a favorite cookbook for many years.

4. Make plans to catch up.

Life is busy. We never seem to have enough time in the day to accomplish our to-do lists. This month, make it a point to visit family members. Take time out of your busy schedule to spend an afternoon with family or even make a weekend trip out of it. And if the family lives far away, call them. Get in touch with all of your family members this month and catch up on each of their lives.

5. Plan a camping trip together.

During National Family month, the weather is finally beginning to warm up and spending time outside becomes a strong desire for many. Gather your family together and enjoy the great outdoors. Go camping. Put away all of your electronic devices and spend quality time with one another. Sing songs around the campfire, make tinfoil dinners and even go fishing or play games. Just enjoy being with one another and spending time together.

You should enjoy spending time with your family all year long. But, National Family Month gives you the perfect excuse for getting in touch with your family members and letting them know you care. Do something special for each member and visit those who live far away. Your family should be central in your life and this month is the perfect time to make that happen.

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