Sometimes women inadvertently place all of the intimacy pressure on their man. Society has ingrained stereotypical relationship responsibilities on men, such as asking a woman out on a first date, making the first move, or asking the right woman to marry him. All in all, it is a lot of pressure and can be better balanced if women were a little more proactive. Oftentimes women expect men to show affection and interest; however, for men, that can be overwhelming. Let’s face it; men are human beings too; therefore, it would be beneficial for a relationship if women took more initiative with their husbands.

Since mind readers are figurative creatures, it is important for women to maturely express to their husband when they desire them. Here are a few ways women can make their husbands feel more loved and desired.

Put a little more effort into your appearance.

Does your man like it when you wear a certain dress or outfit? Is there a color that your husband says looks good on you? If so, take the extra time to wear that special outfit or zhoosh up your hair and makeup routine. While physical attraction isn’t the sole priority in a relationship, putting effort into your appearance can show your husband that you care and find him attractive. On the other hand, a woman will feel more confident if she feels put together.

Be enthusiastic and playful.

Men love it when women show enthusiasm and playfulness when setting the mood in the bedroom. Not only will your husband appreciate the adoration, but he will also be happy that he isn’t responsible for initiating the moves.

Pamper him.

Society tends to associate pampering predominately with women, but men and women enjoy a nice massage or anything that will alleviate the daily stresses of life. Give your husband a massage, cook him his favorite meal, or draw a bath. The thoughtfulness of reducing his stress level is a genuine way to ease the tensions he’s facing while showing him that you’re in the mood.

Physical reassurance.

Physical intimacy can be as simple as holding hands or a gentle back rub or as direct as a kiss. Consider showing your man that you’re interested in more by showing him physical reassurance of your attraction to him. Even placing your head on his shoulder or your hand on his leg can help your husband see that you’re in the mood for more.

Compliment him.

Hearing positive reinforcement is great for the mind, body, and soul. Make an effort to compliment your husband, and don’t force him to fish for affirmations. Remind him why you think he’s attractive or why he’s such a great person. Flattering your husband is a great way to verbally remind your man why you’re with him. Not only will he appreciate the positive words, but it could help him also feel more confident in the bedroom.

Write a note or send him a text message.

Sometimes it can be easier to express yourself with a note or text, and there is no shame in that form of communication. Write or text your feelings to your man and remind him how attracted you are to him and how much you want him. Not only will your husband appreciate your honesty, but he’ll also take the hint and see that you’re in the mood.

Lead him to the bedroom.

While this is a very direct signal, your husband will know exactly what you want – especially if the other subtle suggestions didn’t get his attention. Initiating intimacy can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Your husband will appreciate your forwardness and will be turned on. This action can also be a huge turn-on for your husband if you are usually more introverted with your signaling.

Sexual health and satisfaction are key components of your overall health and well-being. Having a healthy sexual relationship can positively influence a couple’s overall relationship satisfaction and happiness; however, couples need a healthy relationship outside sex to fully thrive. Women in relationships need to show their husbands that they desire them and alleviate the sexual pressure in a relationship and reinforce communication.

Women should continuously communicate with their husbands and ask them directly for suggestions on other ways to show their man love and affection. If their husband knows that they are trying, it can make all the difference in the relationship.

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