Marriage is much easier said than done. When we fall in love and get married, we imagine how wonderful married life will be. We think it will be perfect, and that everything will fall into place.

We think we'll always be happy, that our husband will always adore us and that it will always be wonderful. But, in reality, marriage is hard, and it can quickly turn into a nightmare if we're not careful.

But what happened to all that love?

Why is he different?

What happened to all the passion you felt at the beginning?

Why doesn't he enjoy spending time with you anymore?

If your husband starts to love another woman, there are a few things to remember. Learning why he's fallen in love and how you can get him back are key. Read from these experts and remember to not sacrifice your own happiness as you try to win him back:

When was the last time you were happy?

Relationship therapist Robert Weiss explains some reasons why men cheat. Things like insecurity or having unrealistic expectations might be contributing factors, but "for most men, no single factor drives the decision to cheat. And sometimes a man's reasons for infidelity evolve as his life circumstances change."

One reason may be his happiness in your current relationship. Men feel happier and more attached to their wives when they're able to make their wives happy.

We're always happy at the beginning of the relationship. We celebrate everything our man does for us, and we appreciate him greatly. After some time, we stop being grateful, start nagging and quit being happy. Of course it's unrealistic to be happy every minute of every day, but we should make a conscious effort to have a good attitude.

Even if you're unhappy, his infidelity is not your fault. If something he does makes you unhappy, let him know so he can change for the better.

When was the last time you prioritized intimacy?

When you start having children and increase your responsibilities, keeping the flame alive can become difficult. This is totally normal. However, it's easy to mistake intimacy as an obligation, and we forget how beautiful it can be.

Relationship specialist Aaron Anderson puts it this way, "To be able to talk to your spouse in this kind of vulnerable, intimate way creates a unique connection that you simply can't have with anyone else". Frankly, without intimacy, your marriage turns into just living together, like friends or roommates.

But besides intimacy, we forget that men and women both have needs. Usually women are the ones who need reassurance or praise, but your husband needs that, too. It's easy to assume he knows how much you care about him, but he can become doubtful if you never remind him you love him.

Don't forget ...

It is not your fault if your man falls in love with another woman. Marriage takes a lot of work, and it's up to both of you to make it work.

He has the same obligations as you do. He should make you happy and make life fun instead of making it miserable. Remember why you are together, what brought you together and why you love each other. Make your relationship a top priority, and work to make your relationship the best it can be.

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