Our men want to be our superheroes. It might seem like an old-fashioned idea, but wives can make their husbands feel like the family Superman by showing a little more affection and withholding a little judgment. We're all accustomed to the saying, "Happy wife, happy life," but it's equally important to remember, "Happy husband, happy household."

Wives, you have the power to make your man feel like the most attractive, competent, charismatic person on earth. Men have the incredible capacity to become what we see in them.

These five ideas can take your relationship to the next level and make your man feel like the most attractive man on earth.

Cultivate your attitude of gratitude

Tell your husband you appreciate everything he does for you and your family. The next time you feel the urge to criticize, think about five things your husband has done right during the day. Focusing on his strengths, instead of his shortcomings, keeps your communication positive and your husband's self-esteem high.

Find little ways to show love

Ten minutes a day can mean the difference between married mediocrity and wedded bliss. Showing love in little ways, every single day, will remind your husband that you still choose him after all this time. Men, like women, expect grand gestures on birthdays and anniversaries, but unexpected surprises throughout the week will really set your marriage apart as spectacular.

Compliment, compliment, compliment

Husbands thrive on words of affirmation, so don't withhold positive thoughts. The next time you think your man looks hot, tell him! Tell him you love the way he looks, the way he laughs, the way he dresses. Tell him that you love every good thing about him. Let him know his strengths and you'll start to see more and more of them. Need some specific compliment ideas? Check this out.

Touch him

Men feel love through physical touch. When you greet your husband with a big hug and kiss when he walks in the door, he is instantly reminded of your love from him. You can make simple gestures such as sitting beside him on the couch, holding his hand in the car and running your hands through his hair as you walk by. Your little gestures of physical intimacy will make him feel like the attractive man he is.

Withhold judgment

Nagging is the ultimate relationship killer. Husbands and wives often have different time frames for chores and household tasks. They may also have different priorities when it comes to disciplining the kids and running the household. It's OK to defer to his judgment and hold your tongue. He'll become a more confident husband as he sees your faith in him.

Marriage is one of the most challenging human relationships, but it can also be one of the easiest ones to nourish and help thrive. The fixes for a less-than-stellar marriage are often simple and seemingly insignificant, but it really is the little things that count. Don't discount the small and simple things that make your marriage shine. Your husband needs to feel attractive in your eyes, whether you've been married eight days or eighty years. It doesn't take much to be a super-wife; just put in a little concentrated effort each day.

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