It's a dream come true for 4-year-old Carson.

Ernest Lagasca, or "Mr. Ernie" as Carson calls him, is a driver for UPS - United Parcel Service. When Carson was a baby, he could not tolerate milk or anything with milk protein, so they had formula delivered to their home a few times a week, according to his mom, Karen Kight.

Because of the frequency of deliveries, Carson, like most little boys, would look forward to seeing the truck pull up to the house. Mr. Ernie says that Carson used to just watch from the window.

Carson even has his own little UPS uniform that he loves to wear, and he has some toy delivery trucks. He greets Mr. Ernie upon each delivery with excitement and, in the video, a big hug. On this particular visit, Carson is in for the surprise of his life.

The package Mr. Ernie is delivering is a pint-sized UPS delivery truck! Carson is elated, "Oh my gosh!" Since he's always wanted to be a UPS driver, Mr. Ernie and UPS helped his dream come true. Carson takes packages to all of his neighbors in his own truck and uniform and has them sign for delivery confirmation, of course.

Could he be any more adorable? What a great wish come true!

Like Carson, many of our children have goals and dreams that they focus on and hope will come to pass. We can help our kids set realistic goals and the plans to accomplish them. Read this article for some tips on how to help your child succeed. No matter your age or ambitions, you can achieve your dreams - you just have to start. Read "Making dreams come true" to see how it's possible.

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