Sex is a pretty huge deal in marriage. Here are 10 of our best articles to help you and your sweetheart improve your sex life.

5 secrets about sex your wife doesn't know how to tell you

It's no secret that men and women think differently about sex. This makes talking about it difficult. Consider these things that your wife is too nervous to bring up.

The truth about men and sex

Women think they know what men want - as much sex as possible. The reality of what men want in a physical relationship is much more complex.

10 reasons why you should be having sex on a regular basis

Difficulties surrounding sex is one of the most common reasons couples fight in a marriage. But despite all the fights it can cause, there are lots of reasons you should be doing it and doing it regularly. Here are ten.

This one thing you do every day is probably hurting your sex life

What you thought was a harmless habit could actually be quite detrimental to your relationship.

Is sex necessary for a happy marriage?

Sometimes, couples argue so much about sex that they wonder if it is really necessary for a happy marriage or if they should just learn to do without it. Find out if sex really is necessary for a happy marriage and why.

Why women should initiate sexual intimacy more often

What your husband really wants is for you to want to have sex with him and initiate it.

Why is sex so important?

With all these problems that come with intimacy, a lot of people wonder why sex is so important anyway. After all, you might have a perfect marriage if you didn't fight about it so much. Well, there are several reasons it's important. Here are three.

How much sex does your relationship need?

Your views on sex frequency probably differs from your spouse. So the question is, what is the right amount of sex?

6 tips for talking to your husband about sex

Sex can be one of the most intimate and enjoyable bonding experiences that marriage has to offer. It can also be extremely scary to talk about. The following tips will help you communicate openly and clearly about a behind-closed-doors topic.

5 tips on how to keep your sex life rockin' after kids come knockin'

Lots of couples have difficulty balancing their family life with their sex life. Family just seems to take more priority and time. The great news is, it IS possible to have a healthy sex life and family life.

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