It was the classic future-grandma reaction to hearing the news that her daughter is pregnant. First, there were screams. Then, there was disbelief. Finally, there came an endless amount of tears. Don't worry, this cry was a happy one.

After opening up a birthday gift, Dad read a letter that started out "grandpa." With confusion, he kept reading the card. "Some birthdays are more special than others," it read. At this point, Mom lets out several excited screams. Dad soon finds the sonogram in the card while Mom is bawling with pure excitement.

Ashley and Michael, the couple expecting the baby, described themselves as "expectant parents who are overwhelmed with joy from God having the opportunity to raise a child," the YouTube description read. "And with in-laws this great, it will be a great adventure."

The mom in this video was not attempting to hide her emotions at all. She was completely ecstatic for the future bundle of joy that would come into their lives. Although making the leap into parenthood (or grandparent-hood) can be scary, it will change your life forever and bring a new level of joy and love you've never experienced before.

Congratulations. You're pregnant, and that's something to celebrate. Now, how can you break the great news of pregnancy to your family in a fun, creative way?

The Internet provides plenty of examples of cute pregnancy announcement ideas. Whether breaking the news to your hubby, or all of your Facebook friends, make it a personal idea and start the celebration before you even hold your baby in your arms.

One cute idea for announcing to everyone you know is to take a creative picture. Pinterest is filled with unique announcement ideas. Photograph your high heels and your spouse's church shoes with some little slippers for your baby. If it's not your first baby, take a picture of your oldest child holding a sign that reads "I'm going to be an older brother!" Put the same sign in front of your dog. You can also do a more subtle announcement by creatively hiding your sonogram somewhere in the picture.

Find what makes your family unique and highlight that in a simple image; then send this picture via email, Facebook, Twitter, or even good old fashioned "snail" mail.

Another idea is to create a fun surprise announcement video like this couple made from their honeymoon. If you live far away from family, this can be a fun way to break the news to your loved ones. They might think they are just watching a fun slideshow of vacation pictures then they discover it's a huge announcement.

Other ideas include announcing it at a family gathering and recording your family members' reactions, putting a baby bottle in the fridge to surprise your husband with the news, or making cute T-shirts to celebrate.

If none of these ideas work for you, research the topic. There are hundreds of ideas across the Internet for announcing the great news you have to share. You can always get the creative juices flowing and come up with your own idea as a couple. Maybe make it a date night with your spouse.

However you decide to announce your pregnancy, prepare for shouts of joy and some happy tears - especially from the future grandmas in your life.

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